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$40,000 yearly
St. Johns County Sheriff's Office 4015 Lewis Speedway, St. Augustine, FL, USA
Sep 10, 2019
Full time
Purpose of Position:   The purpose of this position is to maintain peace and safety of our community. This purpose is accomplished by a Law Enforcement (LE) Deputy whose primary responsibilities are responding to the needs of the residents and visitors, ensuring the rights of victims are maintained, responding to routine and emergency calls for service as well as routine patrolling, conducting traffic control and enforcement (including felony stops), conducting preliminary and follow-up investigations at crime scenes, conducting records checks on wanted/stolen vehicles, apprehending suspects and transporting arrestees; searching for missing, lost and wanted persons; conducting pursuits, conducting interviews, preparing reports or affidavits, presenting testimony and evidence in both civil and criminal cases, serving judicial process, administering first aid, and directing people with whom they come into contact as necessary. Work involves an element of personal danger and the ability to act independently in various situations while exercising independent discretion in addressing emergency situations. A LE deputy must maintain a constant alertness of his/her surroundings, regardless of assignment, on-duty or off-duty. A LE deputy must be able to exercise control and apply response to resistance, physical or otherwise, as necessary to provide for his/her safety as well as the safety of others in accordance with Agency policy while demonstrating a professional attitude, abiding by the LE code of ethics and treating others with dignity and respect. Regardless of assignment, the primary task of any LE deputy is to ensure peace and safety of our community and to serve as role models to our citizens. While the position of full time LE deputies enjoys the benefits as provided by career service, placement into any particular assignment is temporary and all LE deputies shall be assigned as the Sheriff directs to best meet the needs of the Agency. Examples of assignment for a Law Enforcement Deputy include, but are not limited to, Crime Prevention, Investigations, Judicial Process, Patrol, Traffic, and Youth Resources. Qualifications/Education:   Minimum of 19 years of age, High School Graduate, CJSTC Law Enforcement Certificate, Valid Fl Driver’s License, Must be eligible for bonding, and Basic computer skills. Depending on assignment, additional licensure, certification or training will apply to meet minimum compliance with established regulatory standards (marine patrol, aviation, traffic/motorcycle, etc.) or Agency prerequisites. Any requirements established by FDLE, CJSTC (see FS 943) and maintenance of certification as required by CJSTC (Rule 11B-27). Assignments other than Patrol require successful completion of initial probationary period prior to transfer. Employee is required to shoot the state 40 round stationary course and agency combat course which requires shooting on the move, kneeling standing, prone position, shooting behind cover, and qualifying with an issued rifle of 223 caliber and a handgun. Working Conditions:   This position may require intermittent performance of physically demanding work as may be necessary in an emergency situation or events such as chasing and subduing a suspect resisting arrest. Rotating shift work required for entry level patrol position: 56 day cycles, 12 hour shifts, including nights, holidays and weekends. Shifts may vary depending upon agency needs. Position is subject to mandatory overtime requirements as needed, and is considered an essential tactical position. Works mostly in the field with close personal contact with the public and where exposure to outdoor elements, noisy environment (especially when directing traffic and responding to crash scenes), threat of bodily harm, and/or hazardous conditions and pathogens is foreseeable. Works under the stress of making decisions, which affect the welfare and safety of the public and other employees. Abilities:   Compliance with minimum standards established by CJSTC to perform all the essential duties and requirements of the LE Deputy’s position regardless of percentage of time or frequency of occurrence of any particular task/duty. Tasks involve the intermittent performance of physically demanding work, typically involving some combination of walking, reaching, bending, stooping, kneeling, running, climbing, and that may involve the lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of extremely heavy objects (150+ pounds), such as in the event of chasing and subduing a suspect resisting arrest or pushing a vehicle out of a hazardous situation. Must posses the visual acuity to operate an Agency assigned vehicle and distinguish details and differences when observing people, places, or things in various times of the day and under various conditions. Ability to cope with very stressful situations while respecting individual rights. Ability to describe, analyze, and interpret facts and events accurately. Ability to enter and retrieve data using Agency computer systems. Ability to effectively communicate via radio. Ability to communicate with the general public and other employees of the Agency for the purpose of providing guidance, giving technical direction, and/or explaining or interpreting policy. Some assignments may require additional abilities, such as a Traffic position could require the ability to lift and maneuver a motorcycle weighing 750+ pounds and demonstrate proficiency with a police motorcycle on an approved course; a Training position would require Instructor Techniques certification proving instructional abilities; certain other positions require successful completion of police bike courses or other special skills training depending upon special equipment/skills/abilites/knowledge required.
$53,380 - $91,812 yearly
North Las Vegas Police Department 2250 North Las Vegas Boulevard, North Las Vegas, NV, USA
Sep 03, 2019
Full time
Job Description - Apply at The North Las Vegas Police Department's mission is to encourage and engage the community to work as one in order to provide a safe, secure, and enjoyable community. This is accomplished by protecting lives and property; maintaining social order by enforcing federal, state, and local laws; working in a collaborative effort with the community to identify problems; and involving the community in the search for solutions. Our department is committed to having a positive impact in the City of North Las Vegas by reducing crime, reducing the fear of crime and enhancing the quality of life in the community. We are currently accepting applications for Entry Level Police Officer and Lateral Police Officer positions. Job Responsibility Performs professional police duties in preserving the public peace. Protects life and property; and prevents crime and enforces laws. Builds relationships with residents, businesses and stakeholders; promotes community policing. Patrols assigned areas; responds to radio calls and other calls for assistance. Protects crime scene and collects evidence and information. Investigates civil disorder and investigates and makes decisions at the crime scene. Conducts search and seizure. Apprehends and makes arrests; takes statements and prepares and writes reports. Enforces DUI/traffic laws. Transports persons in custody. Provides emergency assistance. Writes and reads reports and other documents. Appears in court to present testimony. May assist in training new personnel as needed. Performs other related duties as assigned.
$47,000 yearly
Chesterfield County Police Department
Aug 28, 2019
Full time
The basic duties of a police officer include patrolling, traffic enforcement, responding to calls for service and addressing the community concerns related to crime and quality of life issues.  The initial training consists of a 32 week, non-residential academy, and a two-month field training period.   The Chesterfield County Police Department is a progressive and professional department located in Central Virginia near the City of Richmond. We offer paid training, permanent shifts, and a take home vehicle.  We also offer paid retirement and a GI Bill approved academy. The department is a full service agency with 21 specialized units including SWAT, K-9 and Investigations.  Officers are eligible to join specialized units two years after field training. We also offer internship opportunities for juniors and seniors. Qualifications: -Be a U.S. citizen. -Must have a high school diploma or a General Education Diploma (GED). -Be 21 years of age prior to completion of our field training program. -Pass a written and physical ability test. -Possess or be eligible for a Virginia driver's license. -Binocular vision of 20/25 corrected. -Weight in proportion to height. -No convictions of felonies and/or serious and habitual misdemeanors. -No conviction of, or guilty or no contest plea to: any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, including petit larceny; any misdemeanor sex offense; or any domestic assault. -Pass an extensive background investigation including a polygraph, psychological, medical and drug screening. Salary: $47,000 ($44,289 during training) How to apply:   Apply online at http:// -Go to http:// -Click on "Recruitment" -Scroll down and click on "Apply – Police Officer" -Submit completed application  *Once you apply, it takes approximately 7-10 business days for us to process your application and then we will reach out to you via email. Be sure to check your spam/junk folders.*

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