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$55,988 - $75,134 yearly
Ankeny Police Department Ankeny, IA, USA
Feb 24, 2020
Full time
The Ankeny Police Department provides law enforcement services to the City of Ankeny (pop. 70,000).  The City of Ankeny has regularly been designated as one of the Fastest Growing Cities in the United States. With approximately 70 sworn officers, the Ankeny Police Department provides a wide range of career opportunities, including: Patrol Officer, Detective, School Resource Officer, Community Engagement Team, K-9, SWAT, Narcotics Detective, and more.  The department also offers a variety of instructorships, including Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Driving, Taser, ASP Baton, Pepper Spray, Less Lethal Munitions, and many more. The City of Ankeny offers a competitive pay plan and benefits package, including: excellent paid time off, retirement plan, and on-duty workout program. Patrol Officers work a 5 days on, 3 days off, 9 hour day schedule.  Other work hours vary by assignment.
$51,509 - $67,186 yearly
Cheyenne Police Department 415 W 18th St, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
Feb 20, 2020
Full time
The Cheyenne Police Department is looking for capable, motivated individuals ready to make a difference in our community as a sworn Police Officer. Here are some reasons you'll want to "Protect the Legend" of Cheyenne with us: Pay and Benefits: Starting pay for a new Officer is $51,509 a year with a top Officer salary of $67,186. Rank increase, paid overtime, and specialty pay offer further financial opportunities. No state income tax.-Aside from what you pay to Uncle Sam, you keep what you earn here. Compare your cost of living to ours in Cheyenne. 20 year pension- You're eligible for a state pension of 50% of your top five earning years (not a 401K; no more hoarding paperclips from the office in hopes of cashing them in when you retire). Make an Impact in a Community that Supports You: While pay and benefits are very important to consider, the community you work with plays a big part in where you go. The community support you receive here is apparent everyday and it starts from the top with our city's mayor and city council who are outspoken in supporting the Cheyenne Police Department. We are a department that continues to have a reputation for great community and leader support. Our officers get thanked by our citizens on a regular basis and our staff are receptive to ideas from line officers through the chain of command. This is a department that has your back. Location, Location, Location: We are what most people think of as a small city, yet with a population of about 60,000, we still have plenty of options for shopping, housing, and some anonymity. If you want the big city experience, you can go shopping in Fort Collins or watch a game in Denver, come back home to Cheyenne and not have to put up with all the traffic and people on a day-to-day basis. If you're looking for a little solitude, we have mountains, lakes, ski resorts and hunting opportunities nearby. Specialties: The Cheyenne Police Department is large enough to have a variety of specialties, but small enough that you have a chance at getting into a specialty position. Laterals receive a $7,500 signing bonus and are eligible for higher pay. Job Description Our work involves responsibility for community protection of life and property, crime prevention, law enforcement and arrest, assigned patrol duties, traffic control, report processing, public relations contacts, and other special police related assignments. Entry Level Applicants: Those who are hired will attend a 13-week Peace Officer Basic at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy, Douglas, WY. Following the academy the officer will be required to complete the department’s 14-week Field Training Program (FTO Training). Additionally, the officer will be on an 18-month probationary period from the date of hire. Lateral Applicants: Laterals will attend a 2-week Criminal Law course at the Law Enforcement Academy, Douglas, WY. Following the course the officer will be required to complete the department’s 14-week Field Training Program (FTO Training). Additionally, the officer will be on an 18-month probationary period from the date of hire. Laterals meeting certain criteria may receive a raise in pay grade after six months satisfactory employment. Requirements Age:   Must be 21 at time of hire. Education:   High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent. Experience:   No prior law enforcement experience necessary. New employees will attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy at the Cheyenne Police Department's expense. Applicants must meet the following requirements: U.S. Citizen High School Diploma or GED equivalent 21 Years old at time of hire No felony or domestic violence convictions Not have a Dishonorable Discharge from the Military Traffic: an applicant who has any of the following will be disqualified: Three (3) or more moving violation convictions within the previous 36 months. (three separate, individual incidents) Administrative suspension of a driver's license; conviction or any form of deferred prosecution qualified by state statute, or as amended, within the previous 36 months from the date of disposition, including, but not limited to: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs Leaving the scene of an accident Fleeing to avoid arrest Reckless driving Homicide or assault by motor vehicle Drug use: an applicant who has ANY of the following will be disqualified: Used any illegal drugs while employed in any law enforcement or prosecutorial position, or while employed in a position which carries with it a high level of responsibility or public trust. Been discovered to have misrepresented his/her drug history in completing the application. Distributed or sold any illegal drug for profit at any time. Personal drug history will be evaluated on an individual basis.
$41,068 yearly
Raleigh Police Department Raleigh, NC, USA
Feb 11, 2020
Full time
The Raleigh Police Department is searching for qualified individuals who want to join our corps of law enforcement professionals. Our organization is proud of our professionalism, our values and providing the best services to the citizens of Raleigh. You may be contacted by telephone or email and asked to submit all required documentation if you are selected to proceed further in the process. Once contacted, it is strongly suggested that applicants submit all necessary documentation as soon as possible to prevent any delay in processing your application. Lack of documentation might prevent you from proceeding further in the application process. Although the Raleigh Police Department continuously accepts applications,  to be considered for the Spring 2020 academy, your GovernmentJobs electronic application   must be submitted as soon possible.   Applications received after the deadline will be evaluated for the next academy (date TBD). Duties and Responsibilities Protects life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances; patrols assigned areas; responds to calls for police service; conducts preliminary and follow-up criminal and traffic investigations; conducts interviews; prepares written reports and field notes of investigations and patrol activities; apprehends criminals; and testifies in court. Work requires extensive contact with outside agencies and the general public. Typical Qualifications HS graduate or equivalent.  US Citizen.  Age 21.  Ability to obtain a valid NC Driver's License.  Vision corrected to 20/20 and cannot be colorblind. Additional Information The full Raleigh Police Application Packet for the Spring 2020 academy must be submitted as soon as possible.  Full application packets received after the deadline will be evaluated for the next academy (date TBD). Upon completion of academy training an increase of 3% will be awarded, resulting in an annual salary of $42,300.  Lateral-entry officers are eligible to earn a starting salary of up to $53,987. For more information about the Raleigh Police Department, please visit .  ***As initial communication will be made through email, please ensure your email address is typed correctly on your application. Also, please remember to check your spam folder frequently for messages regarding the hiring process.***
$3,020 - $3,359 monthly
Bexar County Sheriff's Office
Feb 07, 2020
Full time
Duties and Responsibilities Controls, secures and manages inmates at the Adult Detention Center and Jail Annex Supervises inmates assigned to work detail such as serving meals, preparing laundry, and performing routine maintenance in the jail facility Books and classifies inmates Transfers and transport inmates Performs inmate inspections, shakedowns and room searches Responds to and resolves crisis situations such as fights, fires and medical emergencies and restraining physically violent inmates Assists with inmates personal needs such as telephone calls, mail, laundry, visits and commissary Completes and processes required paperwork on inmates and events occurring within the jail facilities Performs related duties as required

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