U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services

The U.S. Probation and Pretrial Service Office for the District of Minnesota is part of the federal Judiciary and has five Minnesota locations. Probation officers investigate and supervise defendants and persons under supervision, and are assigned to either the Pretrial, Presentence, or Post-Conviction Unit. Officers perform various core duties relative to their unit, which can include drafting investigative reports, appearing in court, collaborating with attorneys and investigative agencies, working with programming partners, and enforcing court orders. Officers can participate in other functions within the office, which include the safety and firearms program. Various services are offered to defendants and persons under supervision, to include Reentry Court and Moral Recognition Therapy, which are facilitated by officers. Dedicated officers can also elect to serve on various committees and programs, which can include the Diversity and Inclusion Committee; the Training Committee; and the internship program.

Minimum qualifications for a federal probation officer are a Bachelor’s Degree, 3 years of specialized experience in a related field, and the applicant must be under age 37. Officers must attend the National Training Academy in Charleston, South Carolina. Benefits offered include competitive and locality pay, paid holiday and leave, extensive health benefits, retirement and pension plans, and mandatory retirement by age 57.