Peachtree City Police

Are you thinking about a career in law enforcement?  Consider the Peachtree City Police Department. We offer the opportunity to join one of the most progressive and professional police departments in the United States.  We have been Nationally Accredited Agency since 1992 and a State Certified Agency since 1998.

We are seeking police officer applicants who can accept responsibility, act independently, and be        dedicated to serving our citizens as we continue to place an emphasis on community-oriented police    philosophies.  Individuals considered for employment will be responsible for performing routine patrol,   responding to emergency calls, traffic enforcement, enforcing federal, state, and local laws, investigating crimes, and participating in community relations programs. 

Salary and Benefits Package:

Base Salary                                $39,650

Social Security                            $2,396

Medicare                                     $560

Health Insurance                        $16,720

Long Term Disability                  $159

Dental Insurance                        $368

Life Insurance                             $71

Defined Benefits Retirement      $6,441*

Defined Contribution Match        $773**

Workers Compensation              $1,456

Total Compensation Package $67,594

*  Defined Benefits Public Safety Retirement:  vested at  5 years, early retirement at 25 years, or reaching 55 years old with 50% of salary for life.

**  Defined Contribution:  If the employee contributes 5% to 457/401, the city matches with 2.5%.

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