City of Memphis Police Department

Are you ready to start a career that’s bigger than you? Working as a Memphis Police Officer will push you to learn real leadership, take on great responsibility, and reach your full potential all while making a difference in the City of Memphis.

Explore your opportunities to create meaningful change in Memphis by joining the MPD, where you’ll experience:

  • Exciting everyday responsibilities & challenges,
  • Diverse job options and training,
  • Career advancement & promotion opportunities,
  • Competitive salary with health & retirement benefits,

If you meet the minimum requirements and want to serve the Memphis community, then joining the Best in Blue may be the right career choice for you!

Memphis is known around the world for its increasing momentum. Companies and individuals around the world are moving to Memphis to take advantage of its low cost of living, great commute times, and entertaining culture of music, food and festivals. Our economic development is booming with large expansions of Liberty Park, Downtown, Union Row, Pinch District, Poplar Plaza and more! Memphis plans to keep the momentum going with its strategy for continued growth, Memphis 3.0, committing to be “a city that anchors growth on strengths of the core and neighborhoods; a city of greater connectivity and access; a city of opportunity for all.”