UCSC Police Dept

Police officers of the UC Santa Cruz Police Department are duly sworn peace officers under section 830.2(b) of the California Penal Code. The officers of the department are armed and possess the same authority under the law as municipal police officers. UCSC Police Officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They enforce the law, arrest violators, investigate and suppress crime, investigate traffic and bicycle accidents, and provide a full range of services to the community. The UC Santa Cruz Police Department has police officers responsible for specialized assignments including crime prevention, investigation, bicycle patrol and motorcycle patrol.

The University of California, Santa Cruz Police Department is committed to cultivating a transparent, accountable, and collaborative environment embracing the broad diversity of our stakeholders to protect the life and property of our community.

We develop and maintain a well-trained and properly equipped police agency – an agency that is innovative and dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages dialogue, compassion, commitment, service and integrity.

We are a community resource that shares in the responsibility to recommend and deliver preventative measures to minimize potential risk and enable a timely and effective response to incidents and emergencies.

We are committed to serving all individuals, promoting diversity and operating in a manner that safeguards the university’s academic and research mission so that all members of the campus community are able to actively engage in UC Santa Cruz’s distinctive living-learning environment.