Do Your Career Justice!

Why is it Great to Work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons? The Bureau of Prisons requires high standards of safety, security, sanitation, and discipline, which promotes a physical and emotionally sound environment for both staff and inmates. "All" Bureau of Prisons staff share a common role as "Correctional Workers First", requiring a mutual responsibility for maintaining safe and secure institutions regardless of one's position, tenure or other factors.

The institution is located 50 miles north of Reno, Nevada and 35 miles south of Susanville, California. Reno is a vibrant city known for its great nightlife, access to the wonderful outdoor recreation, and for being the "Biggest Little City in the World". At an elevation of 4,400 feet, Reno is within minutes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe. Susanville offers a relaxed and healthy life for its citizens. Since it is located among forested mountains, it offers plenty of opportunities for hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, boating, horseback riding, golf, and cycling.

A 14% retention incentive is provided to all staff.

FCI Herlong also offers a 17% recruitment incentive and student loan reimbursement assistance.

Transportation to and from the institution via van pools is available.

Under the National Health Service Corp Program, FCI Herlong has a score of 12 points!

FCI Herlong is one of the Bureau's best kept secrets. We are committed to correctional excellence and invite you to join us.