Mountainair Police Dept.

The Mountainair Police Department serves a population of over 2000 citizens established in 1903 as a railroad hub this small rural community is just located southeast of Albuquerque, NM. The Town sits in the Estancia Valley in Torrance County. The Mountainair Police Department prides itself as a new and technology based agency. Police Officers enjoy many benefits provided by the Town of Mountainair, IE: 100% MEDICAL, DENTAL & VISION PLANS, for single, married employees/spouse. other Family plans are available. Take Home unit program, Full-uniform issue, Mobile(lap-top) tech in police units, issued cell phones(work), generous training program, Police Reserve Program, all duty weapons issued, many more.

If your are a Lateral Officer or Police Trainee(Un-certified/officer). Please feel free to submit your application on-line. Any questions please contact, Juan Reyes, Chief of Police at 505-847-9333(leave message) or 505-702-5618(cell).