Columbia County

Columbia County is bordered on the east by the Columbia River, on the south by Multnomah County and Washington County, and on the west by Clatsop County. The southern County line is approximately 30 minutes from Portland, the largest metropolitan area in Oregon. The western County line is approximately 30 minutes from the Pacific coast.

The County's northern and eastern boundaries are outlined by 62 miles of Columbia River shoreline. Columbia County enjoys the longest stretch of the Columbia River in the State of Oregon. The Columbia River is a major route of ocean-going vessels and is a popular fishing ground, as well as a popular boating and windsurfing river.

Facts regarding the early history of Columbia County are few. It is known that a New England trading vessel, the Columbia Rediviva, commanded by Captain Robert Gray arrived in the summer of 1792 with the first Euro-Americans to see the County's timbered shoreline. In 1805, the explorers Lewis and Clark traveled and camped along the County's Columbia River shoreline.

Carved out of Washington County in 1854, its past was tied to commercial fishing, water transportation and lumber. Industrialization has accelerated in recent years but timber, dairy and horticulture remain important. Natural gas fields have been identified and are producing.

The County offers the only two marine parks in Oregon: Sand Island on the Columbia River and J.J. Collins Memorial Marine Park on the Multnomah Channel.

$3,935 - $5,765 yearly
Columbia County St. Helens, Oregon, USA
Oct 30, 2020
Full time
READ THIS ANNOUNCEMENT COMPLETELY BEFORE APPLYING SO THAT YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND THE APPLICATION PROCESS AND TIMELINE. YOU MUST COMPLETE AND SUCCESSFULLY PASS ALL PORTIONS OF THE PROCESS DESCRIBED BELOW TO BE CONSIDERED. Columbia County is seeking Candidates to fill vacancies for Corrections Deputy in the Columbia County Jail. Veterans and those who have never worked in the field are encouraged to apply. Candidates who are bilingual, particularly in Spanish/English, are also encouraged to apply. This is a Civil Service position that is full time, 40 hours per week (plus regular required overtime) on a rotating shift basis (day/swing/night) and part of the team at the Sheriff's Office. Candidates must be 21 years of age or older with a valid driver's license, have a high school education, preferably with additional college level education in the law enforcement field and meet all minimum standards for certification as a Corrections Officer in the State of Oregon per DPSST OAR...