Virginia Beach Police Department

The Virginia Beach Police Department is the largest city police department in the Commonwealth of Virginia with more than 800 sworn officers serving over 460,000 citizens. We have long been a leader in progressive policing. We are known for our use of technology, effectiveness in training, and innovation in approaching issues in our community. Within the city's 497 square miles of coverage, we patrol diverse communities and landscapes to include city and rural communities, military installations, beaches, state parks, swamps, intercoastal waterways, rivers, lakes and the ocean. Bordered by the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach has become a well-known and frequented coastal resort city on the East Coast with over 15 million visitors yearly. Virginia Beach is also home to the Navy's Oceana Master Jet Base, FTC Dam Neck Base, NAB Little Creek Base, and JEB Fort Story. With such a diverse community to serve, Virginia Beach Police Officers are expected to uphold the Core values of: