Correctional Officer - Sheriff

$20.38 - $23.41 hourly
  • Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office
  • 949 North 9th Street, Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • Oct 21, 2020
Full time Law Enforcement- Officer

Job Description

Under general supervision, to perform a variety of correctional duties.

  1. To safeguard and supervise inmates.
  2. To maintain discipline and enforce rules and regulations in the Milwaukee County Jail.
  3. To maintain custody of county pre-trial detainees during examinations, hearings, hospital watches, trials or during conveyance to State or County institutions.
  4. To observe, monitor and evaluate inmate behavior; to supervise inmate visiting, programs and recreations; to conduct electronic and physical searches of prisoners, visitors and buildings.
  5. To enter and retrieve reports, records and other information using a computer terminal.
  6. To classify and interact with inmates; to control, direct and instruct inmates individually and/or in large groups; to restrain combative inmates; to re-orientate jail rules.
  7. To accept inmates into custody and to release inmates from custody to proper authority.
  8. To maintain records and testify in court.
  9. To perform any other duties as assigned.

Note: Candidates should expect to be assigned to all shifts, holidays and weekends. Required and/or mandatory overtime does occur. Candidates must successfully complete appropriate training program. Appointment is subject to the following probationary period: Correctional Officer 1 (Sheriff), 2,080 hours. Probation period is based on straight time paid.

Some positions may require qualifying with a service weapon on a regular basis. Positions require successful completion of law enforcement training courses, which may include, but are not limited to: jailor certification, and direct supervision principles. Applicants will be required to submit to a thorough background investigation. Applicants will also be required to pass a pre-employment drug testing and medical examination after preliminary offer of employment.

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Training Requirements

Minimum age of 19; High School Diploma or GED; No felony convictions, unless pardoned