Police Officer Entry Level and Lateral Entry

  • Knoxville Police Department
  • Jul 29, 2019
Full time

Job Description

ENTRY-LEVEL SALARY: $36,052 annually (during academy)

POLICE OFFICER SALARY: $40,000 -$54,000 annually (after graduation from academy)

The City of Knoxville requires as a condition of employment that all newly employed individuals, former employees that have been re-hired, or employees promoted to a new classification will receive their paychecks by way of automatic direct deposit.

Starting and promotional salaries will be determined based upon applicant qualifications and in accordance with Civil Service Merit Board Rules and Regulations.

The City of Knoxville only accepts online applications. To apply, go to http://www.knoxvilletn.gov/jobs. You must complete ALL APPLICABLE SECTIONS of the application. DO NOT LEAVE SECTIONS BLANK. Doing so could result in your application being deemed incomplete. If you need assistance submitting an application, you may visit the Civil Service office at the address listed above.

The following documents MUST be submitted online before your application will be complete.

• Completed City of Knoxville Online Application

• Completed Background Absolute Disqualifier Questionnaire inside online application

• Detailed Resume (upload and attach to your online application)

• Birth Certificate (upload and attach to your online application)

• Public high school diploma, GED, Accredited diploma or its equivalency. (upload and attach to your online application) Additional documentation, including a transcript and/or attendance record indicating proof of attendance may be required.

• DD-214 (upload and attach to your online application for military veterans)

• If you have questions regarding your application or need help applying, please call Civil Service at (865) 215-2106.


Unless stated otherwise, applicants must possess and/or meet the following minimum requirements prior to the application deadline.

• Current City Employees may apply, but must have completed initial Civil Service probationary period and must have received a satisfactory performance rating on their last evaluation to receive promotional preference.

• Applicants must have reached their 21st birthday before the application can be accepted. Applicants MUST attach a copy of valid birth certificate to their application.

• High School graduate or equivalency. Applicants MUST attach a copy of their High School Diploma or GED to the application.

• Applicants must not have any background disqualifiers

• Applicants are required to possess or be able to obtain a valid Tennessee Driver’s License.

• Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen, or a Permanent Legal Resident of the U.S. who is an Honorable Discharged Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and applies for or obtains U.S. Citizenship within six years of hiring.

• Applicants MUST bring a valid photo ID with them to the written examination.

Applicants will not be permitted to take the exam without submitting ALL of the required documents and bringing their valid ID, Physical Performance Test (PPT) Release Form, Medical Release Forms, and completed Personal History Questionnaire.


All persons who apply or reapply must successfully complete the written exam and physical performance test and 1.5 mile run in order to become eligible, or to remain eligible. Applicants MUST bring a valid photo ID and Physical Performance Test (PPT) Release Form to be admitted to the written examination along with your completed Personal History Questionnaire. Appointments for the written examination will be sent via e-mail. Appointments for the physical performance test and 1.5 mile run will be scheduled after the written exam is taken and sent via e-mail. Applicants MUST bring a valid photo ID to be admitted to physical performance test and 1.5 mile run. Your Personal History Questionnaire and Physical Performance Test (PPT) Release Form will also be sent via email. It is the applicant’s responsibility to maintain a valid email address.

SUBJECTS ON WRITTEN TEST: Arithmetic, Reading, Grammar, Writing, and Public Safety Practical Skills. Applicants will be notified via email of their testing dates.

Prior to final selection & appointment, all applicants must also submit to, & be approved by the following procedures: Drug and Alcohol Testing, Background Investigation (including polygraph examination), Extensive Physical Examination, and Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation.

Note: Background checks will be conducted.


The City of Knoxville does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, religion, age, veteran status, disability, gender identity, genetic information, or sexual orientation in employment opportunities.

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