Police Officer / Apprentice Police Officer

$52,642 yearly
  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Apr 09, 2020
Full time Law Enforcement- Officer

Job Description


• fast-paced dynamic environment • public service • camaraderie with co-workers

• protecting your community • role model • exciting and challenging duties

 variety of special assignments • growing department with promotional opportunities

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- Excellent communication skills

- Ability to stay calm under pressure

- Ethical decision making skills

- Integrity and excellent judgment

- Superior problem solving skills

- Easily adaptable/flexible

- Ability to work well with others


Annual starting salary for applicants who are not already licensed TCOLE police officers: $52,642.

(Increased to $54,270 upon completing the police academy and increased to $55,898 upon one year of service.)

Annual starting salary for applicants who are already licensed TCOLE police officers with less than one year of experience: $54,270.

Annual starting salary for applicants who are already licensed TCOLE police officers with at least one year of experience: $55,898.

Extra pay for TCOLE certifications:

  • Intermediate = $600 per year
  • Advanced = $900 per year
  • Master = $1,200 per year

Extra pay for evening and night shifts.


Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is the mass transit agency for the Dallas metropolitan area and employs almost 4,000 personnel serving over 70 million riders annually.  The DART Police Department provides police services for the transportation system throughout 13 cities in 6 counties, covering over 700 square miles. The department has 429 positions, which are comprised of 257 sworn officers and 172 civilian employees.

 Given the size of the department, DART Police offers a wide variety of special assignments, such as canine handlers, detectives, motorcycle officers, bicycle officers, special operations officers, training officers, and background investigators.  As a medium sized police department, each officer is a valued team member and our officers personally know each other, which leads to a heightened level of support and camaraderie.

The DART Police Department also offers career advancement opportunities due to growth related to planned rail expansion over the next few years.  The D2 subway is scheduled to open by the end of 2021 and the silver line is scheduled to open in December 2022.

Given the large size of the entire agency, DART offers a generous benefits package that includes: multiple affordable health insurance options, as well as dental, vision, life, AD&D and AFLAC insurance, three retirement plans (defined contribution plan, 401k plan, and 457b plan), paid time off that increases with seniority, paid holidays, full uniform provided, tuition reimbursement, military leave, among many other benefits.


1. Responds to calls for police service within DART jurisdiction to include, but not limited to:• Investigating crimes, accidents and incidents,• Arresting suspects and violators,• Settling disputes,• Directing traffic,• Assisting the public,• Detaining individuals,• Issuing citations, and other patrol activities

2. Interfaces with local police departments located within DART's service area.

3. Conducts preliminary and follow-up investigations.

4. Conducts security surveys.

5. Develops crime prevention approaches/measures.

6. Performs special assignments.

7. Prepares a variety of reports for management review such as investigation results, activities, status reports, etc.

8. Performs other duties as assigned.


1. High school diploma, or G.E.D. plus twelve (12) hours college credit from an accredited college or university. The requirement to have 12 college hours only applies to applicants who have a G.E.D. However, applicants who have graduated from High School are not required to have any college hours.

2. Written and oral communication skills to effectively communicate with all levels, both inside and outside of DART.

3. Analytical and creative skills to find solutions to complex problems.

4. Proficient using PC and software applications.

5. Valid Texas Drivers License or possess a comparable drivers license from another state of the United States. No Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) conviction within the last ten (10) years; not more than one (1) on driving record. No more than three (3) moving violation convictions within last 36 months.

6. Ability to demonstrate a fiduciary obligation to section, division, department, and DART in handling materials and information of a confidential nature.

7. Must be able to: continuously work outdoors in all kinds of weather; drive or sit in a patrol car for prolonged periods of time while remaining alert; ride on a train or bus for prolonged periods of time while remaining alert; understand verbal communication over the radio with background noise; and read and write under low light conditions.

8. Must be able to: be physically active for prolonged periods of time; stand, walk, and run on all types of surfaces, including uneven surfaces; run after fleeing suspects, to include surmounting various physical barriers, fences, and walls; climb up and down stairs; bend and twist; reach at waist and chest levels, at times reaching behind while in a seated position; kneel and squat; jump without steps onto or from uneven surfaces; carry injured persons; lift, push, and pull up to an estimated 50lbs of force; restrain persons to prevent escape; use hands for grasping, pushing, and pulling, to include holding firearm, baton, or pepperspray can in a steady and stable, outstretched position; effectively utilize police equipment such as, but not limited to, firearms, handcuffs, batons, pepperspray cans, police radio, keys, and self-contained breathing apparatus; expose hands to vibration; and continuously carry/wear heavy police equipment and bulletproof vest.

9. Pass a physical agility test.

10. Pass physical (medical) examination which includes a drug screen.

11. Incumbents are subject to random alcohol and drug testing as a condition of continual employment.

12. Must have vision of no less than 20/40 in each eye (with any corrective lenses) for effective visual surveillance and correct identification of surrounding environment. Candidates must not have moderate or strong impairment of depth or color perception.

13. Successful completion of selection process including but not limited to physical agility test, entrance exam, polygraph exam, psychological evaluation, background investigation, and criminal history check.

14. Must be able to work variable shifts, including weekends and holidays. Must be able to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends.


During the screening process a criminal history, and driver’s license check will be conducted. Disqualifiers include but are not limited to the following:

1. No Felony convictions, no Class A Misdemeanor convictions, and no Class B Misdemeanor convictions in the last ten years.

2. No pending criminal investigations or actions (civilian or military) and/or be under indictment for any criminal offense at the time of application.

3. Not more than one (1) DWI conviction on your driving record.

4. No dishonorable or less than honorable military discharges.


- Health Insurance

- Dental Insurance

- Vision Insurance

- Life Insurance

- AD&D Insurance

- Pension Plan (fully funded by employer at 7.7% of salary)

- 401K Retirement Plan (employer matches ½ of employee contribution)

- Full uniform provided

- Tuition reimbursement

- Paid time off that increases with seniority

- Relocation reimbursement


An online application must be submitted to be considered for employment; a resume alone will not be considered. You may apply online at https://www.dart.org/webapps/hrportal.


- Online application

- Physical ability test

- Written test

- Interview Board

- Polygraph Exam

- Background Investigation

- Interview with Chief of Police

- Medical exam & drug test

- Psychological evaluation

- Fingerprinting

For additional information about our minimum qualifications or hiring process, please visit our website at www.DART.org/DARTPolice and go to the Employment Opportunities page.

DART is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, supporting diversity in the workplace. M/F/D/V

Application website (optional)